AJ Bell Youinvest

AJ Bell Youinvest is a multi award winning provider of SIPPs, stocks and shares ISAs, Junior ISAs, Junior SIPPs and share dealing accounts. We offer customers access to a market leading range of investment options, including: shares, funds, ETFs, investment trusts and much more. Our online dealing service starts from just £4.95 and never costs more than £9.95 per deal.

Come and visit us at our Stand to find out more.

Alliance Trust Savings

Alliance Trust Savings is one of the UK’s leading financial services providers, administering £12bn of assets for over 100,000 customers.


Through our award-winning platform, you have access to 4,000+ investment options including funds, UK and International equities, whole of market investment trusts, ETFs, gilts and fixed interest securities. We also offer a certificated trading service.


Plus, our flat fee approach means that as your investments increase in value, our charges do not.


ayondo is an innovative financial technology company based in London, Frankfurt, Singapore and Madrid, offering both spread betting/CFD trading and Social Trading. Social Trading allows “Followers” to copy the trades of “Top Traders” automatically and have their performance replicated onto their own account. Regulated by the FCA, we offer clients a secure and transparent method of trading, with features such as negative balance protection and insurance cover of up to £500,000 per client. Clients can also use our trading platform, TradeHub®, with features such as variable margin and one-click trading, as well as our trading and Social Trading apps.


CoInvestor is evolving the world of alternative asset investments by removing the barriers to enable investors, advisers and fund managers to collaborate more easily than ever before.


It enables private investors to build attractive alternative asset investment portfolios, and mitigate their investment risk, by co-investing alongside experienced fund managers on a deal by deal basis, from as little as £5,000.


It allows fund managers to access the growing pool of private investors seeking direct online investments.


It helps financial advisers to advise clients on how to mitigate risk and boost returns on alternative investments, while driving retention of their clients in a rapidly changing digital landscape. 

Core Spreads

Core Spreads is an FCA-regulated, financial spread betting and CFD broker based in London, offering a low-cost, unbundled financial trading solution for price-conscious traders. Core Spreads has enjoyed significant growth in a short amount of time due to its simplified approach to financial trading, low-cost business model, generous welcome bonus, fast execution of trades, choice of trading platforms, excellent customer support and its monthly loyalty rebate scheme. Clients seeking a simple and uncomplicated business model which continues to attract traders who know what they want from their financial trading provider can now find it at CoreSpreads.com.


CyanConnode is a world leader in narrowband RF mesh networks that enable Omni IoT communications. Cyan’s Ultimesh provides narrowband RF mesh network, optimised for exceptional performance and total cost of ownership and Connode’s Panmesh delivers standards-based IPv6 solutions, enabling rapid innovation for the implementation of 3rd party applications. The Group provides customers with the flexibility and choice required to converge networks for applications in smart cities and IoT, delivering increased customer value.  

ETF Securities

The intelligent alternative


The ETF Securities Group is one of the world’s leading innovators of Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) and provides specialist investment solutions to investors around the world, enabling them to intelligently build and diversify their portfolios.


We are pioneers in specialist investments, having developed the world’s first gold exchange traded product. Today we offer one of the most innovative ranges of specialist ETPs covering commodities, FX, equities and fixed income. Using that pioneering spirit, our unrivalled expertise and by working with best-in-class third parties, we seek out the most interesting investment opportunities and make them accessible to investors as the intelligent alternative.


For further information, please visit: www.etfsecurities.com

Flying Colours

Flying Colours provide low-cost investment management and regulated financial advice across the UK. We believe that reducing the costs you pay for advice and investments is one of the best ways of improving your financial situation. Our advisers help you create and implement a comprehensive financial plan at industry beating costs. We can assist with ISA investing, pension planning, at-retirement decision-making, tax planning and much more. For more information call 0333 241 9900.


FundingSecure is a peer-to-peer platform offering investors interest rates of 10-16% pa on loans secured against property and other assets.  We don’t charge any fees to our investors so the rate you invest at, is the rate you’ll receive. All of our investments are for a 6 month term, with options to sell off early if desired.

Our easy-to-use dashboard allows our more than 2,000 investors to self-select from a range of offerings.  Since 2013 FundingSecure has lent more than £50m with an actual return to investors of 12.3% pa pre-tax. 
Register on our web site to view available investments or contact us at invest@fundingsecure.com.


Growthdeck is a multi-channel investment platform that provides direct access to tax-efficient investments in early-stage UK businesses. Unlike many other platforms, we also provide service levels similar to more traditional private equity and venture capital firms, including professional due diligence, extensive investee business support and higher levels of customer service.


Our investment team has decades of combined experience in private equity (with the likes of 3i, LDC, Mitsui, Hotbed and Rockpool Investments) and the Growthdeck Panel is made up of high profile sector experts who provide unrivalled experience and hands-on assistance to companies seeking funding.


Visit: https://www.growthdeck.com


MoneyFarm is a digital wealth manager, providing low-cost, diversified portfolios focussed on long-term returns. Since 2012 MoneyFarm.com have been paving the way in smarter investments. The company is growing rapidly and has more than 70,000 active users and is regulated by the FCA. MoneyFarm’s mission is to empower people to manage their wealth in a simple and efficient way and offers a discretionary investment service helping people to achieve their goals.

Nova Financial

Nova Financial is an independent finance and property advisory company that specialise in assisting their clients in achieving their lifestyle and financial goals through property investment. We focus on what is right for the client and what they are hoping to achieve in an industry that is all too often "sales focussed". Our new approach takes the sales out of property investment and makes the process easy. For more visit our website at www.nova.financial or contact us at info@nova.financial.

Real Good Food

Real Good Food plc is a diversified food business serving a number of market sectors including retail, manufacturing, wholesale, foodservice and export.

The Group will deliver shareholder value by building long term sustainable businesses in its three pillar markets of Cake Decoration, Food Ingredients and Premium Bakery.

Each of these markets has different characteristics and strategy is tailored to the specific market needs but with the common theme of building long term sustainable growth.

Select Property Group

Select Property Group is a global developer, retailer and operator of market-leading property investment brands.


We create investment products for international investors, high net-worth individuals and those looking to achieve assured high returns without the traditional demands attributed to property investment, such as maintaining the property and finding tenants. 


Uniquely, the Group controls every aspect of the investment lifecycle.  We acquire the land, we develop the schemes, we sell the properties and then we manage the residences. This approach gives us the ability to be totally accountable to our investor community, allowing you to build a high-yielding property investment portfolio.


Selftrade is owned by Equiniti Group plc. Our Selftrade Investment Platform offers a choice of investments and account types. Choose from over 8,000 shares, ETFs, bonds, funds and other assets spanning UK and international markets, available within a Selftrade dealing account, ISA and SIPP.
Equiniti keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes for some of the best known brands and public sector organisations in the UK, including over 50% of the FTSE 100. Equiniti specialises in providing sophisticated technology, administration, processing and payments services in complex and regulated markets. Equiniti’s mission is making complex things simple for organisations and individuals alike.

Seven Investment Management

We’re Seven Investment Management – or 7IM – an investment management business that helps individuals and their families manage their capital to meet their financial needs and aspirations. An investment house with award winning technology, great service and a common sense approach. We look after around £10bn of clients’ investments, as well as our own, with over 200 of our people taking care of it all.


We’ve been around since 2002, which means we’ve probably seen the best and worst the world can throw at us. Yet we’ve still delivered a strong investment performance consistent with what we’ve promised our clients.


For further information please contact us on 020 7760 8777.




Shares is the UK's leading investment magazine. Published weekly, Shares provides its readers with a wealth of investment information covering areas such as large, mid and small cap stocks, commodities, bonds, funds, forex, ETFs, ISAs and much more and enjoyed by 15,000 readers across print, web and mobile.

Societe Generale

Societe Generale Listed Products


Societe Generale is the world’s largest issuer of Exchange Traded Products, with a 20 year track record of providing an outstanding trading service. 


Societe Generale’s range of Short & Leverage ETPs allows you to enhance your potential returns in rising or falling markets, safe in the knowledge that you can never lose more than you invest. Within the range, you can gain 3 or 5 times the daily rise or fall of your favourite index or commodity. Short & Leverage ETPs are listed on the London Stock Exchange and trade like a share through your stockbroker account.


Come and visit us at our stand or www.sglistedproducts.co.uk to find out more. 


Stockopedia.com helps investors improve their stock and portfolio selection with the most advanced stock market analysis toolkit on the web. Described by David Stevenson of the FT as “an absolute delight”, Stockopedia publishes 35,000+ global StockReports, screening the market daily for ideas according to the criteria of investment legends such as Benjamin Graham, Joseph Piotroski and Joel Greenblatt. With an array of tools backed by Thomson Reuters data that include GuruScreens, StockRanks, and ChartSignals the site is a treasure trove for serous investors.

Symvan Capital

Symvan Capital is a prominent technology investor in the UK’s tax-efficient investing sector:  http://www.symvancapital.com/


Symvan specialises in early-stage to Series A technology investing. 


Symvan is recognised for its success in this investment niche: 


-  Best Fund Manager award:  EIS Association February 2016 judges praised the impressive level of research, due diligence and investor communication http://www.eisa.org.uk/eisa-annual-awards-2015-thursday-11th-february-2016/


- Best Seed Fund Investor 2016 Allstars awards: Shortlisted http://www.investorallstars.com/IAS/


- Finalist at 2016 GIA awards    http://growthinvestorawards.com/  


Symvan’s ‘Life-Cycle Approach’ is a unique platform for EIS/SEIS investing, involving the participation of discretionary fund management and active angel investing to create dynamic technology portfolio winners.

Union Jack Oil

Union Jack Oil plc is an onshore production and exploration company with a focus on drilling, development, investment and production in the United Kingdom hydrocarbon sector.


The issued share capital is traded on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange (Ticker: UJO).


Our strategy is the appraisal and exploitation of the assets currently owned. Simultaneous with this process, the Company's management expects to continue to use its expertise to acquire further licence interests over areas where there is a short lead time between the acquisition of the interest and either exploration drilling or initial production from any oil or gas fields that may be discovered.


Valirx Plc is an oncology-focussed Biopharmaceutical Company, developing treatments and diagnostics. Technologies are selected by using rigorous clinical and commercial processes to address unmet market needs.


Clinical lead product is VAL201, a peptide for prostate cancer with follow-on indications in ovarian and breast cancers and endometriosis. Product VAL401, is a small molecule reformulation for lung cancers.


The Company’s proprietary technology platform, GeneICE, enables selective silencing of rebellious genes’ inappropriate activity. VAL101, the first GeneICE therapeutic, targets and reduces expression of Bcl-2, implicated in about half of cancers. GeneICE extension to neurology and inflammatory diseases will follow.


A novel diagnostic, the Nav3 system, detects pre-cancerous, cancerous and metastatic cells in tissue samples even before a tumour forms; indicating potential malignant formation.


Wealthify has set out to reimagine investing! Our new online service offers personal investment plans and investment ISAs, starting with as little as £250. Wealthify combines the latest robo-investing technology and human expertise to build and optimise your plan for a simple, low monthly fee. You can check how your plan is performing 24/7 online or from your mobile, and add or withdraw funds at any time without penalty. For more information, check out www.wealthify.com and please pop by and say hello on the 10th September.

Yard Charts

Equivalent to 50 proficient technical analysts at your exclusive service, YC performs Chart Pattern Recognition. YC boosts investors productivity automating the process of searching for securities whose charts match eight particular model patterns we offer. The YC powering software performs daily scans on 18000 securities. Those few that, day in day out, do match are displayed as Trading Alerts. Through A.I. technology, the tool interprets the market like the eye of an expert analyst. Yard Charts offers state of the art accuracy in order to benefit from market alerts often extremely early in the cycle, with a high trading success rate.